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Shopping for a Tattoo Artist or a serious Tattoo Collector is no easy task! — CHECK OUT these great deals at the Tattoo Artist Magazine to find the perfect gift for the ink-lovers in YOUR life! — TAM GIFT CARDS are available NOW, but you can also SAVE 50% on EVERY issue of TAM (print …

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20 Brand Tattoos: Just How Brand Loyal ARE You?

Brand tattoos are some of the most noticeable images you can get on your body today. They’re instantly recognizable with a large group of people and are often synonymous with particular lifestyle philosophies, like Nike’s athletic-centric “Just Do It” or Harley’s love of the open road. Getting a brand tattoo is a great way to instantly …

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The Alluring Elegance of Pin-Up Girl Tattoos

Few icons capture pure Americana as effectively as the vintage pin-up girl. For decades these curvaceous beauties have created numerous representations of the ideal American girl while captivating male audiences and simultaneously inspiring women to be bold and sexy.  Today, they are artistic visions seeking to praise and eternally capture the elegant essence of retro …

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