10 Bangin’ Head & neck Tattoos

Holy crap! Those head tattoos must’ve hurt! Yes, head tattoos hurt quite a bit. For most people it’s one of the most painful places to get tattooed and, let’s face it, it’s what most of us were thinking when we first looked at the head tattoo gallery below. Now that we got that out of …

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R.I.P. David Bowie: 20 tribute tattoos

Not too long ago we talked about all the creative, talented and inspirational people we lost in 2015. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for us to lose more. David Bowie was a singer, songwriter, actor, record producer, painter, and one of the most interesting men of his generation. He’ll be remembered for a variety of …

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Women and Their Ink

The Huffington Post featured an article last year entitled “The Secret Lives Of Tattooed Women” where Claire Fallon wrote about the societal climate of women with tattoos, how its viewed by the general public and how having tattoos effects women’s lives. It’s an interesting and well written article, but does it accurately represent its subject …

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